New vegan social network platform launches

A vegan social networking platform has launched, giving vegans around the world the opportunity to connect in a space designed to generate content and create projects of their own directly into the vegan community.

VSOCIETY is founded by Danyl Goodall, a visual artist and entrepreneur based in the Midlands.

VSOCIETY is an ‘all-in-one ecosystem’ collating everything ethical into one dashboard for users to discover content that is relevant and interesting to their lifestyle choices, with products, activities and content being made available to every user.

Commenting on the new social platform, Damien Clarkson, co-founder of Vevolution, said: “This is the platform vegan businesses are crying out for. Through VSOCIETY, vegan businesses will be able to offer their great products and services directly to consumers on an easy to use, one-stop platform for all things vegan.”

VSOCIETY works on a ‘freemium’ model – this means that anyone can make a profile and enjoy the content available, but a small commission is made on transaction that happen within the platform.

New updates will be launching each week, on-demand vegan food delivery; users can find out about meetups nearby and watch exclusive videos on vegan topics.

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