New Year’s Eve Drinks

Special vegan tipples for celebrating the coming of 2022 By Oliver Coningham

Welcome to New Year’s Eve, 2021. Congratulations, you made it. This year seems to have flown by in a hurry. One minute the bulbs were pushing up through the warming earth and tender leaves were unfurling, the next minute the leaves were falling back into the earth and delicate frosts started to illuminate fragile cobwebs.

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful opportunity to get together with friends and family and welcome in the new year with elaborate dinner parties and copious amounts of food and drink. It marks the end of the festive season before we all start to think about returning to work and stopping the constant grazing on Christmas treats.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to go inward and reflect on the year that has just passed. What has worked? What hasn’t? Did you achieve all the goals you set out to achieve?And what might you choose to focus your energy on in the coming year? However you choose to celebrate, may I take this moment to raise a glass and wish you a happy and healthy new year.



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Organic Prosecco (12%) — Most Wanted

£10 for 75cl

Most Wanted’s Organic Prosecco comes from organically certified vineyards in Italy that cultivate the Glera grape variety. It’s fresh and fruity with notes of pears, apples and peaches. Leaning towards the dry end of the prosecco spectrum, it pairs wonderfully with vegan carrot lox, capers, dill and cream cheese.

Suitable for vegans.


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Nosecco (0.5%) — GCF

£3.75 for 75cl

If you’re driving this New Year’s Eve or just prefer not to drink alcohol, there’s no reason you should miss out on the bubbly.

Made in France, Nosecco contains less than 0.5% alcohol. This de-alcoholised wine has a natural grape profile with fine and elegant bubbles.

Suitable for vegans.


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No.1 Reserve Tawny Port (20%) — Symington

£10.99 for 75cl

No.1 Reserve Tawny Port is an elegant port that has been blended from individual oak casks carefully chosen by their head taster. Super smooth and mellow with notes of toasted hazelnuts, sticky figs, juicy raisins and butterscotch. Enjoy with your favourite vegan cheddar or free-from chocolate.

Suitable for vegans.



Tamoshanta (4.5%) — Pilton Cider

£8.49 for 75cl

Pilton Cider challenges what you know about cider and what you think it should be. This fruity Somerset keeved cider has been partially fermented in Scotch whisky barrels to impart smoky flavours with notes of rich vanilla. Serve chilled in champagne glasses alongside Violife Epic Mature Cheddar for a perfect pairing.

Pilton Cider uses filtration and natural settlement making their ciders all suitable for vegans.


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Swiss Guard Sighthound (11%) — Torrside Brewing

£16 for 750ml

Located in Derbyshire’s High Peak, Torrside Brewing brews a wide variety of styles, specialising in smoked and imperial beers. Dogs of War is their barrel-aged series of beers available in large bottles with exquisite artwork. Swiss Guard Sighthound is a Moscatel barrel-aged oak-smoked wheat wine  something very special.

Torrside Brewing beers are 100 per cent vegan-friendly.


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Ninkasi (9%) — Wild Beer Co

£7.50 for 750ml

Why not try this beautiful looking alternative to prosecco or champagne from Wild Beer Co for New Year’s Eve? Named after the ancient Sumerian goddess of beer, this Belgianstyle saison is produced using New Zealand hops with a white wine like profile, freshly harvested Somerset apple juice and wild yeast.

The majority of beers from the Wild Beer Co are vegan-friendly with the odd exception which uses lactose or honey.



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