New York Propose Act to Ban Animal Tested Cosmetics

New York is proposing an act that will see the ban of animal tested cosmetics. The New York Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act will stop the import or sale of any cosmetic product tested on animals, if it is passed.

If this ban is implemented, it may encourage the companies with existing sales in New York to seek alternative methods of testing their cosmetics. With over 17 Sephora stores alone with a five mile radius of New York City, this ban could have a big effect on the consumers who purchase products tested on animals, causing them to switch to cruelty-free brands.

The statement on the Cruelty Free International website says: “The bill which was re-introduced last year would see would see New York join the European Union, Norway, Israel, and India in prohibiting the sale of new animal tested cosmetics.”

Monica Engebretston, North America Campaign Manager for Cruelty Free International said: “We applaud Assembly member Rosenthal for championing this ground-breaking legislation that would make New York a cruelty free cosmetics zone. It sets an example for the rest of the United States to catch up with the global demand for safe and humane cosmetics.”

Vegan beauty products are picking up more momentum as big retailers gain their cruelty-free Leaping Bunny certifications, and big brands include vegan beauty in their marketing.

At the beginning of 2018 supermarket chain Aldi have been certified by Cruelty Free International with all of their household cleaning products, toiletries and cosmetics meeting the standards for the Leaping Bunny certification. They have 700 stores across the UK and are one of only four supermarkets in the UK to be certified.

The statement on the Aldi website has a quote from Cruelty Free International’s Chief Executive Michelle Thew saying: “We congratulate Aldi for demonstrating its commitment to eliminating animal testing and helping customers make a cruelty free decision when purchasing cleaning products.”

Retail giants John Lewis have made vegan beauty a trend included in their marketing emails. Just yesterday, they included vegan beauty in their marketing emails to customers. On the vegan beauty section of their website they have over 700 products that are vegan-friendly. Brands included are Aveda, Urban Decay, Hourglass, ESPA and Elemis among the 20 brands in the category.

Vegan beauty has also been included in the Oscars gift bags. In the gift bags given to nominees for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director, there will be a product from PAIVA. The product included is the Aloe, Gorgeous Luxury Mask-Cleanser Combination, which is Leaping Bunny certified and recognised by PETA.

As veganism continues to rise, and consumer demand increases for ethically sourced and produced cosmetics, it doesn’t seem to be a trend that will disappear anytime soon.


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