NFL Star Adrian Peterson Trying Plant Based Diet

New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Peterson is experimenting with a plant based diet leading up to training camp this year. Peterson is nicknamed All Day due to his seemingly endless energy.

Adrian Peterson is arguably one of the best running backs in history, even striking fear into the best defences around the NFL. Peterson moved to the saints after 10 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.

Peterson’s diet could more accurately be described as flexitarian as he is still eating meat occasionally. Although, he does estimate that he eats vegan around 80 per cent of the time after being encouraged to watch the documentary What the Health by Trent Williams.

Trent Williams, a 320-pound left tackle for the American Football team the Washington Redskins, adopted a vegan diet last month and has, so far, convinced teammates Arie Kouandjio and Isiah Williams to watch the documentary too.

Adrian Peterson said: “I’ve always been kind of leery about processed food, so I’ve always kind of (avoided) it.

“But once I watched the documentary after I heard about it from Trent, I watched it, and it just kind of puts it in your face. I was just like, it’s time to really kind of change some things up.”

Peterson has also said: “So I would say I’m like 80-20 vegan, but really just being more cautious and aware of what I’m putting in my body.

“I’ve been watching my weight, because I’ve been doing it for about four weeks now and my weight has been consistent, right there between 217, 220.

“I put on a couple more pounds of muscle, so I’ve been pleased with it so far.”


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