Not a Fad: The Vegan Society Move Offices Due to Staff Increase

Founded in 1944, The Vegan Society is the UK’s oldest vegan organisation and continues to go from strength to strength, proven by their recent announcement that their huge staff increase means they will be moving offices to accommodate everyone. Over the next couple of days, their offices are changing location and will be located in Birmingham City Centre.

Chief executive of the Vegan Society, George Gill, has spoken about the move stating that “When I joined the society back in 2009, I was one of just 10 members of staff… We now have a 40-strong team of talented and hard-working vegans, and it feels like the time is right for us to move to accommodate the expansion of the charity”.

Over the past decade their team of just 10 staff has increased to 40 with an income increase of more than £1m a year, which only goes to show just how much the vegan movement is growing.

There are now a whopping 600,000 vegans in the UK alone, meaning 1% of the populations follows a vegan lifestyle, which is fantastic news.

So, if any one doubts the legitimacy of the vegan movement and describes it as ‘just a fad’ – they need to think again, the vegans are here to stay!


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