Oatly Release Statement Clarifying The Use of Their Oat Residue

The Swedish oat milk brand Oatly have faced a mixed response from the public this week after it became apparent that their oat waste, a by-product of the oat milk process, is sent to a local pig farm as feed. Some Twitter users have been questioning the morality of this as a vegan-friendly company, whereas others have accepted that the company would rather recycle than dispose of this by-product.

The company have spoken out in a statement, clarifying their reason for recycling the oat residue. In the statement, Oatly said: “Our ambition to be both the most transparent and sustainable company in the food industry doesn’t mean that we are by any means perfect.

“Our approach to sustainability is driven by scientific facts. We have looked at every means possible to contribute to the future of our planet. Yes, sending out production residuals to a local farm as feed has eliminated the unnecessary waste of nutrients and at the same time contributed to the production of biogas.

“And with the help of biogas our production plant has become totally carbon neutral. This accomplishment does not, however, free us from the need to constantly probe deeper in order to reach our other core objective – to promote plant based nutrition over animal based nutrition in every way possible.”

You can read the full statement here.

The matter has sparked debate on Twitter, with fans of the brand both supporting their cause of sustainability, and others are angered by the news that they are supplying the oat residue to the animal agriculture industry.

Do you agree that using the oat residue is a sustainable use of nutrients, as opposed to more land being used to directly supply the animal agriculture industry?


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