Olivia’s Blog: Birthday Presents For A Vegan

August is a special month for me — it’s my birthday. Being a full-blown adult I feel as though I shouldn’t care about my birthday as much as I do. Adults shouldn’t be bothered about birthdays, should they?

Why not! I love everything about birthdays (other people’s as well as my own). I love the build-up, the planning, the excitement, the presents (giving and receiving) and, of course, the cake.

Now, you always end up getting presents that you wouldn’t choose for yourself, vegan or not, but when you get a present that is directly in opposition to your principles, it can be quite upsetting. To think that, because of you, a product which was tested on animals or contains animal products has been purchased, fueling demand, is something that only other vegans will understand.

Friends and family often want to buy thoughtful presents but just really don’t know what to buy you, so I’ve put together a list of things which I would love to get as presents (mum, are you reading this?) which you can share with your non-vegan family members or loved ones who may not necessarily know what to get you.

For the aspiring vegan chef:

  • I’ve always wanted a spiralizer. You can make vegetable spaghetti or just jazz up a salad. £9.99
  • A high powered blender is so useful in the kitchen. You can make soups, smoothies, nut butters, milkshakes, sauces… the list goes on. From £299
  • A tofu press is a must-have for any tofu lover. £23.99

Hollywood stars:

  • EOS (evolution of smooth) have created this crystal lip balm which is now vegan (as the beeswax which was previously used has not been omitted) £5.49
  • This Kat Von D perfume is devilishly divine. $65
  • Lush is a great place to get your vegan loved one a present – not all of their products are vegan so make sure to ask. My favourite is this Control Liquid Eyeliner. £14.50

For the fashionista:

  • I LOVE Matt and Natt — bags, wallets and shoes made with faux leather. This bag is just perfect. £60
  • A pair of vegan DMs is not a cheap purchase but… so beautiful! £100
  • These Votch watches are made from Pinatex (pinapple leather) and are so elegant. I particularly like the rose gold face. From £135

For the foodie:

  • What kind of birthday list would this be without Booja Booja? Rich and decadent, these chocolates are delicious. I like rubarb and vanilla fool (even though I don’t particularly like rubarb…). From £3.99
  • Candy Kittens make some excellent vegan sweets. Be sure that you buy the packets which have the green V for vegan though. Available at most supermarkets for about £2.50

Finally, the best present you could get for your vegan friend? A subscription to Vegan Life!

Happy August!


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