Olivia’s blog: Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

I’ve had Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Summertime’ in my head for a few weeks now as the sun has started to shine in earnest and I’m shaking off my winter wardrobe, finally. My heavy coats and boots are being exchanged for cool summer dresses and sandals. I’ve started reading more, sitting on the sofa less and eating salads endlessly.

Ella had it right – in the summertime the living really is easy. The mornings don’t seem so groggy and you have seemingly endless evenings to run through the fields of wheat, if you so wish…

However, it is easy to be swept up by the heat of summer or the taste of sweet, fresh strawberries and forget some of the causes closest to our hearts. This week I was reminded, by twitter, why I choose to live my life as a vegan. Vegan hour, every Tuesday between 7pm-8pm, is an opportunity for us to share our recipes, pictures, stories and to reconnect with our support networks. Being a vegan is not an easy choice and can often be a lonely place when the people who surround you do not necessarily make the same choices as you do. It is easy to think that one person’s voice doesn’t make a difference and to feel that you cannot help.

I disagree. In this world of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube and countless other platforms you are able to reach thousands of people with your words. We are all representatives of veganism and the voices for the millions of animals out there who cannot speak for themselves. Vegan hour is an animal advocacy power boost for me. It is a chance to see how other people are promoting the vegan message and to educate myself further about the cruelty that still exists in the world.

So enjoy the weather, walk through the countryside, don your most extravagant sun hat or meet your friends for a drink in a beer garden but don’t forget that your voice is magnified by the amazing community of people who share a common goal and remember that every voice matters.



P.S. Join the chat on twitter next Tuesday 7pm-8pm #veganhour


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