Over 50% of Young People in the UK Have Tried Veganism, According to New Data

Over 50 per cent of young people in Britain have tried veganism, according to new data published from a poll by Kellogg’s. 56 per cent of people between the ages of 16 and 29 have tried a vegan diet in the last year, and 45 per cent of adults in their 30s and 40s also tried following a vegan diet.

The poll by Kellogg’s questioned 2,000 adults and discovered the high percentage of Brits who had experimented with veganism. A third of people who were surveyed chose to trial veganism for animal welfare reasons, and 29 per cent chose to remove animal products from their diet over concerns about their weight. Four per cent said that they were inspired by celebrities who speak out for the cause.

Kellogg’s launched a new range of products that was fuelled by the increasing number of consumers who wanted to reduce consumption of animal products. Laura Street, Kellogg’s senior nutritionist spoke to The Sun, who published the results, and said: “Many people are turning to plant based diets to support a better lifestyle but it can be difficult to stick to.

Our research showed that a quarter of new vegans find it hard to know what to eat. That’s why, as part of our Better Starts Plan to help families make healthier choices, we have developed a new range of vegan cereals.”

The Sun reported that 28 per cent of adults who tried to make the change found it ‘too difficult’, and did not continue with their transition to veganism for more than an average of three and a half months. In addition, 16 per cent of survey participants found it difficult when eating out and 27 per cent said that the lifestyle change was too expensive to be permanent in their lives.

72 per cent of participants said that with the support of family and friends, their transition into a permanent vegan diet would have been easier and more likely to continue.

Are manufacturers and the food industry doing enough to support veganism? What do you think retailers and manufacturers need to do to encourage people to make the permanent change too veganism? Let us know you thoughts in the comments.