Over 8 Million Signatures Opposing Animal Testing Delivered to UN

Today is World Animal Day, and Cruelty Free International has delivered their petition to the UN with 8.3 million signatures from around the world, calling for a global end to cosmetic testing on animals.

The petition took only 15 months to reach its target, with the support from people all around the world, and The Body Shop participated in the petition. If the UN takes action on cosmetic animal testing on a global level, framework would be put in place which would see outdated and cruel tests bought to an end.


Vegan activist, entrepreneur and actor, Maggie Q, said: “Over 8 million people have spoken up for animals and made it clear that they want to see an end to cruel and unnecessary animal testing for cosmetics NOW.

“I’m delighted to join Cruelty Free International and The Body Shop in taking this to the UN. The time is right to eliminate animal suffering for the sake of cosmetics everywhere and forever.”

The petition has gathered an enormous amount of attention, and with this global support, it is hoped that the wheels will be set in motion for positive change.

Michelle Thew, CEO of Cruelty Free International, said: “A global framework is the only way to truly eliminate animal suffering. We’re in New York to celebrate your voices today, but we know that we have much work still to do. With your continued support, we will succeed.”


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