Over Half of Summer Vegan Pledge Participants Choosing to Remain Vegan

Animal Aid’s Summer Vegan Pledge campaign has seen huge success, with over half of the participants choosing to stay vegan – 53 per cent of those who took part in the 30-day challenge in June are permanently switching to the lifestyle.

This was the most successful pledge initiative that Animal Aid has led, with over 3,700 people signing up and taking part. When the challenge was over, Animal Aid sent a survey to those who got involved.

The survey revealed that prior to the 30-day pledge, 1,392 were vegetarians, 651 were pescatarians, and 1,719 were omnivores. Two of the participants were new vegans, looking for more advice and help with their diet.

In response to this survey, 53 per cent of people said that they remained vegan, and providing that this is representative of the total number of pledge participants, Animal Aid has estimated that 1,995 people are now vegan.

43 per cent of the Summer Vegan Pledge participants said that they now eat less animal products as a result of taking part.

Tod Bradbury, vegan outreach campaign manager at Animal Aid, said: “These results are absolutely heart-warming and show that veganism and plant-based eating are indeed more than just a passing trend. Almost 2,000 new vegans means that countless animals will be spared a life suffering for ‘food’, and those who choose to stay vegan will be living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle too.”

Animal Aid offer an advice pack for non-vegans that are thinking of making the change, so if you’re new to veganism or know someone thinking about it, you can find the information here.


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