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Am I a 'proper' grown up?

I smiled until my cheeks hurt reading Jake Yapp's article on making ginger beer. I have ordered all of the ingredients and as both my teenage daughters LOVE ginger beer, I will try my best (for the first batch anyway!) not to make it alcoholic. I literally need no excuse to put the hoover and the ironing board aside and to get stuck into something more fun that is equally as grown up! Thank you for making me smile so much and I look forward to my grown up creation!

From Liz Edie


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Hi Readers,

I remember starting out as a vegetarian and having to explain why I had changed to my meat eater friends and the feeling of being interrogated. I am now beginning my journey as a vegan, and vegetarian friends are now asking me questions about why I do not have honey or eggs from a neighbour.

It is good to have debates around the dairy production and the effects on the animal, but please, my vegetarian friends, do not make me have to justify why I have chosen to start my vegan lifestyle.

From one animal lover to another



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