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Hi Vegan Life,

I would like to submit a poem to your magazine. Vegan Life helped me, seven years ago, to see my transition to veganism as nothing but exciting, fulfilling and positive, and it continues to inspire me in so many ways. I just wish more people would take that first step into living cruelty-free.


Walk with me in the shadow of their steps,
Take a seat amidst the calm within their herd.
Look into the eyes that trust and believe,
Touch the soft and the rough of their fur.

Feel the heat of their breath as they realise their fate,
Deny the squeals of their voiceless voices.
Share their heavy air, full of fear and despair,
Explain to them the value of your choices.

Leave, turn your back, walk away, catch your breath,
As you inhale your freedom and fortune.
Sleep easy, rest assured, blind your eye, hide your face,
Wrap yourself in their blanket of torture.
Protect the buts and I can’ts that put death on your plate,
You’ll need them more than ever tonight.
Change the subject, make a joke, they can’t hear you now,
Is it better to live in darkness than to fight their fight?
I invite you to walk with me, eyes wide open, don’t look back,
Cut your ties with each cruel, outdated industry.
Change your mind, breathe fresh air, feel relief, use your strength,
and love the souls who need your voice and empathy.
By Rachel Board

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Hello Vegan Life,

I picked up your December issue after I signed up to Veganuary, and I already feel so much better about the month ahead of me! Your recipe for Christmas Maple Bourbon Fauxducken showed me that I will not be giving up a single thing throughout the challenge. Wish me luck!


Ahmet D



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