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Thank you for your Vegan Out And About recommendation in the September issue - Penn's Gourmet Vegan Burgers. I stopped by the van last week and oh my, the What The Cluck Burger is amazing. 
Everyone must try it! I'm looking forward to my next meal from there already. From Hayley Ford


Star Letter Prize

To Vegan Life,
I just wanted to say how much I loved the vegan babies and kids feature from September. I'm expecting my first child and have had so many comments from people on why they think I'm 'cruel' for choosing to raise my baby vegan. But now I know how to answer them! Your feature has really helped me to find the research and have the confidence to tell them why my decision is the right one. Thank you. Love J.B


Next Month's Star Letter Prize

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BeSaucy will cover the costs of the delivery each month and the mayo, taking the prize to well over £50.
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