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Hi Vegan Life,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at Vegan Life for your amazing feature on plant-based animals.

Our two-year-old puppy, Frank, has been plant-based from the get-go after we did a lot of research ourselves and we have always been confronted with criticism from our meat-eating family and friends. It was so lovely to hear of these other people and animals that are benefiting from a plant-based diet like we are! Especially little Ruby, what a gorgeous dog she is and so lovely to hear her diet has helped her illness.

I can't wait for the feature next month on plant-based dogs! Thank you so much for sharing these stories.


Emma Lynch

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Food For Thought (A Vegan's Lament)

Ducks that waddle and
comically rock
Orange webs and quacks and bills
Goosey down and eyes that pop
As you take your indigestion pills.

Staring cows that moo and chew
Bullocks waiting, moody sky
Gentle calves that suck your fingers
Veal and rare steak when they die.

Chickens squabble, scrat and peck
Cluck and lay eggs for their host
Murmur softly, perch and slumber
Sage and stuffing when they roast.

Florid farmers, hats and tweed
Wellies, hip flasks out of sight
Market wallets, stick-banged pens
Ever lose your appetite?

Slaughter houses, stink and piss
Terror silenced, bolt is shot
Blood is spattered, twitches halted
Carcass lorry, another lot.

Charnel window, knife and thyme
Cheery apron, greed's own crèche
String and bone and tasty giblets
Conscience dines out on our flesh.

Extracted from a poem © Ben Todger



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