Papa John’s just added Not-Chicken Vegan Bites and Vegan Cheese Stuffed Crust to its menu

Papa John’s just added Not-Chicken Vegan Bites and Vegan Cheese Stuffed Crust to its menu

Pizza chain Papa John’s is getting in the swing of Veganuary with delicious new vegan offerings


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Pizza delivery chain Papa John’s is off to a great start in 2021 – with the addition of three new menu items to its award-winning vegan offering.


The tasty new vegan options include Not-Chicken Vegan Bites, a Vegan Cheese Stuffed Crustand The Alice Tai pizza.


The Not-Chicken Vegan Bites (from £5.99) are a delicious vegan alternative to chicken, made with a vegetable protein and coated with crispy southern-fried style breadcrumbs. They come served in portions of 10, with a choice of Papa John’s dip.


Catering to those of us who love cheese but not dairy, January 2021 also sees Papa John’s launch a Vegan Cheese Stuffed Crust (for £2.75 extra).


Available from Monday 18th January on sizes medium to XXL, the oozing stuffed crust is filled with Papa John’s oozing, melty vegan cheese and can be added to any vegan pizza option from the menu.


But there’s more – the pizza delivery chain has also introduced The Alice Tai (from £17.99) to its menu, a limited-edition pizza, created by Paralympic Gold medallist, swimmer Alice Tai.


The plant-based pizza comes on an authentic thin crust base, topped with vegan cheese, vegan sausage, chestnut mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, sweetcorn, onions, and black Herrera olives.


‘Continued Commitment To Vegan Products’


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Giles Codd, marketing director at Papa John’s said: “We’re so excited to introduce the new vegan items to our menu to kick off 2021.”


“With recipe innovation at the core of the brand, we’re proud to continue our commitment to vegan products with the launch of the Not-Chicken Vegan Bites and Vegan Stuffed Crust.”


“We’ve also thoroughly enjoyed working with one of our Paralympic ambassadors, Alice Tai to create a limited-edition plant-based pizza – another menu addition that we expect to be a huge hit with pizza lovers across the nation.”





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