Papa John’s sell out of vegan cheese following launch of new pizzas

Takeaway pizza chain Papa John’s has sold out of vegan cheese within the first two days of the vegan option being made available. The chain added vegan cheese to its menu following a petition that saw 30,000 people asking for dairy-free cheese.

The chain shared the news on social media of the success of the vegan cheese, writing: “We are almost out of stock within a day! Thank you for such an overwhelming response! If you didn’t manage to order yours, don’t worry! We are stocking up as soon as possible.”

It was revealed last week that the chain would be using Bute Island’s ‘sheese’, which was made available on three pizzas, including the Vegan Sheese and Tomato, Garden Party with Sheese and Hot Pepper Passion with Sheese. Papa John’s Marmite scrolls were also made available as a vegan option.

Papa John’s launched the vegan cheese into all of their 350 UK branches, making them the first major takeaway chain to offer vegan cheese at its locations.

Vegan pizza is becoming the new norm on menus and supermarket shelves around the country – Pizza Hut and Zizzi offer vegan pizzas on their menus, and Asda have sheese as an option on their fresh pizza counter.

Despite the overwhelming success of Papa John’s sheese pizzas, there have been reports that people were being served dairy cheese when the stores ran out of the vegan option, sparking outrage from some, and others asking for their staff to be fully informed on the differences.

Not only is serving dairy cheese to a vegan morally wrong, it endangers those who may choose the non-dairy option due to allergies.

Papa John’s stated: “We’re aware of the reports and we’re working hard with stores to fix thing asap. We know it’s not ok and it’s a big deal for us to get it right.”

Another tweet from the company said: “Rest assured that this is being looked into as a matter of urgency and being taken extremely seriously.”


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