Papa John’s vegan pizza launching 28th January

You knead to know about Papa John’s new vegan pizza



After PETA’s successful online petition, which gained over 29,000 signatures requesting a vegan option, Papa John’s have announced that they are adding Sheese to its nationwide menu.


From 28th January, vegans will be able to order pizza from the popular restaurant and takeaway service. Options will include a spin on a classic – Vegan Sheese and Tomato, as well as two other options – the colourful, Garden Party with Sheese, and the spicy, Hot Pepper Passion with Vegan Sheese.


The pizza chain’s extremely popular Marmite and Cheese Scrolls will also be available as a vegan option, ensuring that there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.


Liz Williams, managing director at Papa John’s, said: “Papa John’s is committed to delivering better ingredients, better pizza and we’re excited to expand our menu so those with plant-based diets or dietary restrictions can enjoy it too. We worked closely with PETA who helped us develop the recipes and find the best vegan products, so we expect that the new additions will be a huge hit.”


The launch was also heroed by Dawn Carr, PETA director of Vegan Corporate Projects, who said: “We applaud Papa John’s – the first national pizza-delivery chain in the UK to offer dairy-free cheese at all of its locations – for meeting the surging demand for vegan options and giving everyone the chance to enjoy the food they love. This truly is a game changer.”


Vegan pizza will be available nationwide from 28th January 2019.




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