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PaperTale is on a mission to empower consumers and make supply chains transparent within the fashion industry

The textiles industry is not well known for being transparent about its supply chain, although numerous companies claim that their products are made via sustainable and ethical practices. This 'greenwashing' makes shopping difficult for us consumers, who are trying our best to make sustainable life choices.

Hundreds of clothing brands claim that their products are organic - as you'll likely see on clothing labels in your favourite shops, yet according to the Organic Trade association, less than one per cent of global cotton production is organic.

New Swedish blockchain technology PaperTale, is helping consumers to see through misleading claims. Simply scan the label of a PaperTaled product with your smartphone and get authenticated information about the supply chain and the product's environmental impact.

We, as consumers, are therefore given the power to make informed decisions about the things we buy, which allows us to lead more ethical lifestyles and in turn, strengthens those brilliant companies who are working sustainably. The technology also shows information about the workers who made the product and confirms lawful salaries.

This couldn't be more relevant, with statistics suggesting that the number of people experiencing slavery worldwide falls between 21 and 36 million, with a shocking 26 per cent being children.

This awful statistic highlights that the backwards nature of production is not just a phenomenon that happens on the other side of the world, but also right under our noses much closer to home.

The fashion industry is notorious for having long and complex supply chains, which change frequently, and so it is no wonder that brands struggle to keep track and ensure ethical practices are being maintained at all times.

PaperTale technology is therefore designed to be implemented in these complex supply chains to give both brands and consumers visibility of the practices occurring to make our clothes. As a Proof of Concept, PaperTale has launched a limited-edition T-shirt collection and has partnered up with some Scandinavian brands to launch bigger test collections soon.

Want to test the technology out yourself? Head over to PaperTale's web-shop and get your hands on their limited-edition collection,


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