‘Chews’ To Make a Difference!

‘Chews’ To Make a Difference!

Pawtato chews helping dogs and the planet

pawtato chewsWith the end of summer on the horizon, Pawtato, the vegan owned plant-based dog chew company has been looking to finish strong, with a new and improved launch of Pawtato Ocean Treats.


Pawtato are the producers of a unique range of dog chews based primarily on sweet potato and are free from animal products, gluten and wheat – making them an excellent hypoallergenic option for more sensitive dogs.


With the increased focus on looking after our planet, many are looking to opt for more eco-friendly and ethical alternatives, including those available for our animal companions.



This September they are relaunching Pawtato Ocean Treats, now offering these tasty plant-based edible chews for dogs in two new sizes ‘Medium’ and ‘Small’, to increase suitability across breeds.


Coming in a mix of four different fun sea creature shapes with a grain-free recipe, Pawtato chews are supplemented with sustainably farmed kelp, spirulina and wakame.


Fresher, longer-lasting and compostable 

Always looking to improve where they can, Pawtato have now launched both sizes of Ocean Treats in a new and improved compostable bag.


Not only are they an earth friendly and biodegradable option like the original pouches, but these new stand up packs are much stronger, and resealable.


Pawtato chews can stay fresher for longer with the assurance that once finished, the packaging can fully break down into the earth without polluting the environment.


Additionally, each pack purchased equals a percentage of proceeds going towards marine conservation projects, with the aim of not only making the best choices regarding our oceans, but taking steps towards making a difference for them too.


‘Ethical and eco-conscious chews’

Company director, Darrell de Vries, says: “Pawtato Ocean Treats are the most ethical and eco-conscious chews we’ve made so far.


“The careful sourcing of ingredients, the new compostable bags and the contribution from sales to ocean conservation projects is a step towards creating positive change for the environment.”


Last year’s donation from Pawtato went to Healthy Seas, an organisation which was founded in 2013, who together with divers and fishermen work collectively to recover abandoned fishing nets and other debris from the seas and oceans.



Then working with partners, transform collected waste into nylon yarn for fashion apparel, carpets and other reusable uses. In this process saving thousands of marine animals, and birds from becoming ensnared.


Pawtato dog chews are available from independent pet and health food retailers, and online.



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