PETA announce that Forever 21 will ban mohair

PETA have announced via Instagram that US-based fashion company Forever 21 will ban mohair in their products.

The animal rights organisation have celebrated the move, calling it a “BREAKING VICTORY”, congratulating its supporters by saying that “This is because YOU told them to drop it after watching PETA’s exposé.”

The news follows other high profile names in the fashion world also committing to an official ban of mohair. Last month PETA released a video showing distressing scenes of angora goats – the animals who produce mohair – being dragged, roughly handled and mutilated. The story was broken in The Washington Post, and led to Topshop, Anthropologie and H&M, amongst others, to announce a ban on the fabric.

The distressing video showed workers in South Africa, the world’s top mohair producer, roughly handling the goats, sitting on one to stop her struggling, and throwing them around. The goat kids, being shorn for the first time, “cried out in fear”, while another goat is shown being killed due to the no longer being useful in terms of producing mohair.

Forever 21 are yet to comment on their decision to ban mohair.


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