PETA places advert at cheese competition

On October 20th, the World Cheese Dip Championship was held in Arkansas in the U.S., where it – ironically – set out to raise funds for the Harmony Health Clinic. During the fundraiser, pro-vegan adverts were placed by vegan charity PETA, on bus shelters near the event’s venue (the Clinton Presidential Center), and at multiple street intersections. The ads set out to call on the public to leave cow’s milk for calves.


The adverts picture a cow alongside the words: “Do I look like your mother? Cow’s Milk Is for Calves. Dump Dairy. Go Vegan.”




Tracy Reiman, executive vice president for PETA, said in a statement: “Behind every bowl of cheese dip is a grieving mother cow and the calf who was torn away from her shortly after birth.”

Reiman added: “PETA’s ads encourage everyone to dump dairy ‘products’ in favor of healthier, cruelty-free cashew cheeses, soy yogurts, almond and coconut milks, and other vegan foods.”


Human’s are the only species to drink milk after the age of weaning, and are the only ones to consume the milk of another species. PETA’s adverts hopefully increased awareness of the issue of dairy farming.



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