Petition launched to get new vegan word added to English dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary to receive request from plant-based BBQ-loving vegans



With summer approaching, and BBQ season coming up fast, Fry Family Food Co. has launched a petition to get the term ‘barveque’ (BVQ) added to the Oxford English Dictionary, as a vegan alternative to a typical, and often meat based, British BBQ.


Last year, the Fry Family Food Co. created the world’s first ever BVQ – putting ‘V’ into BBQ to prove that vegans can more than partake in the once traditionally meat-filled summer activity. Excitingly, the first barveque was launched with a record attempt for the world’s biggest vegan BVQ.


To celebrate the one year anniversary of the innovative event, the plant-based food company has started a petition to get the term added to the dictionary, in celebration of vegan barbecues worldwide.


Currently, the Oxford English Dictionary definition of barbecue contains both the words ‘meat’ and ‘fish’, with no mention of the myriad of plant-based alternatives enjoyed by vegans all over the world – Fry’s think that it’s time for this to change.



Credit: Fry Family Food Co



The proposed new term, barveque (BVQ), noun, is defined as ‘a meal or gathering at which solely plant-based, or vegan food is cooked out of doors on a rack over an open fire, or on a special appliance.’


Fry’s petition launched on 10th May 2019, and aims to get 10,000 signatures – it will then be given to the Oxford English Dictionary for consideration.


Recently, quirky additions to the OED have included the adjective ‘chipmunky’ – to have the quality of a chipmunk, the verb ‘binge-watch’ – to watch multiple episodes of a programme in rapid succession, and the noun ‘locavore’ – a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food. If such words are able to be added, why not a practical term such as barveque?


Credit: Fry Family Food Co


Tammy Fry, International Marketing Director at Fry’s, said: “For many people, barbecues are an essential part of the British summer. However, for people who follow a plant-based lifestyle, it’s not always the event it could be.”


“As the vegan barbecue experts, we know there is just as much fun to be had at a BVQ as a BBQ. We were astonished by the number of people who got in contact to tell us they were hosting their own BVQ after they’d seen our world-record attempt last year!”


“There are so many fantastic meat alternatives now available on the market, so we think it’s time for the Oxford English Dictionary to put the ‘V’ in BBQ and acknowledge the growing trend of plant-based barbecues worldwide.”


“We’re looking forward to taking the results of our petition to the OED, so are encouraging everyone to sign and share with their friends!”


To sign the petition to have ‘barveque’ (BVQ) added to the dictionary, head to


Featured image: Fry Family Food Co.




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