Piers Morgan Confronts Vegan Campaigner

Piers Morgan has called out a vegan campaigner, who appeared on Good Morning Britain, for wearing leather.

George Monbiot appeared on Good Morning Britain to campaign against the treatment of animals in the food industry. Monbiot said: “There’s two issues, the treatment of issues in factory farms is barbaric. We call ourselves animal lovers, but literally billions of animals are going through this really horrible system.”

However, Piers Morgan soon released that Monbiot was wearing a leather watch and called him out.


Morgan said: “So you have no problem about slaughtering animals for your fancy watch and shoes?

“Should you not be leading from the front? You’re telling us to give up meat. Some would say that’s shameless hipocracy.”

Frustratingly, Monbiot replied by saying that he isn’t a purist and that there is a difference in the impact of buying meat to buying leather.

He continued: “This [watch] will last me for several years, whereas the burger you might eat today will have more of an impact than this.”


It is unfathomable that a vegan campaigner can support an industry as cruel as the leather industry and not discuss this other crucially important topic for vegans to an audience as large as Good Morning Britain. Of course, every little helps. If people choose to cut out meat that is a great first step. However, boycotting leather, especially when there are so many great alternatives, will save thousands of lives and we are disappointed that Monbiot failed to acknowledge the cruelty of the leather industry.

After his appearance Monbiot tweeted: “Poor Piers, can’t see the difference between a watch strap that lasts two years and a burger that lasts, to judge by his girth, two minutes.”

A life has been sacrificed for a watch, just the same as a life has been sacrificed for a burger. There is obviously complexity surrounding leather which vegans have from before they went vegan, but Monbiot’s comments are adding to leather misconceptions.

There seems to be a consensus that leather isn’t all that bad. The various industries involving animal products have created many successful campaigns over the years, to convince consumers that animal welfare is of the utmost importance and that to be healthy we must consume animal products. But perhaps their most successful piece of propaganda is the one regarding leather as a leftover product, an issue we covered in detail in our September Issue.

Twitter is blowing up after the exchange. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think Piers had a good point or that Monbiot is right?





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