Pizza Hut UK launching cheesy vegan stuffed crust pizza

Vegan stuffed crust pizza is coming to Pizza Hut’s UK restaurants

The news was revealed on Instagram earlier today by Vegan Food UK


Pizza night just got better – with the news that Pizza Hut is launching cheesy vegan stuffed crust pizza across UK stores on February 26.



Vegan Food UK – an online organisation that shares the latest vegan food news, reviews and vlogs – took to Instagram to announce the exciting news.


Vegan Stuffed Crust Pizza


The Instagram post reads: “OMG! Vegan Stuffed Crust Launches at Pizza Hut tomorrow.”


“The first mainstream restaurant vegan stuffed crust pizza will launch tomorrow at Pizza Hut.”


“Just choose any vegan pizza and make it a ‘stuffed crust’ for £2.50. And yes they are using Violife cheese for it (picture is not the actual pizza or cheese, sorry guys.”


‘It’s Going To Be A Hit’


Ciara Grace, senior menu innovation manager at Pizza Hut Restaurants has confirmed the news. She says: “We’re always looking into new and exciting ways to develop our menu and cater to as many guests as possible.”


The Vegan Stuffed Crust was naturally the next step for us to grow our plant-based offering at Pizza Hut Restaurants. We’re really excited to launch the Vegan Stuffed Crust as we’re confident it’s going to be a hit on both taste and texture.”


vegan stuffed crust

Vegan Stuffed Crust. Source: Pizza Hut


UK and Ireland country manager, Simon Orchard, adds: “The stuffed crust pizza has been a firm favourite for 25 years, and Violife are excited to be partnering with Pizza Hut to make a vegan version a reality.”


“We can’t wait for customers to try the deliciously melty new stuffed crust, and help continue to show people that’s it’s never been easier to go dairy-free.”


Vegan Stuffed Crust

Vegan Stuffed Crust. Source: Pizza Hut


Expanding Vegan Menu


The pizza chain have been adding more and more plant-based offerings to its menu in the last few years, and just last month confirmed that it it would once again be providing even more vegan choices in the coming months.


First trialed in January for Veganuary, the Pepperphoni pie has recently been added to Pizza Hut’s permanent menu, following great success and feedback from customers.


The new vegan pizza joined an assortment of options, including the Vegan Hot and Spicy, Margherita and All About Mushrooms.


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