Planet Vegan documentary series set to premiere in October

A brand new series called Planet Vegan is expected to premiere in October, looking into why countless people around the world are choosing to go vegan.

The series consists of five episodes, each looking at different areas of the lifestyle, identifying why the lifestyle is soaring in popularity – the first episode looks at the vegan market and how this continues to grow.

Businesses such as Beyond Meat, Veganz and Mosa Meat are included in the discussion answering the question of ‘do we need to be consuming animal products to live happy and healthy lives?’ as well as exploring the effects of animal consumption on human and planetary health.

Other episodes in the series looks at the benefits of following a plant-based diet, with input from Dr Michael Greger, Dr Neal Barnard and Rich Roll, and many more, also looking at the state of healthcare systems.

Activism, vegan events and different vegan communities are other topics that are spoken about in the three remaining episodes.

The series was funded by the first crowdfunding campaign, which was then called Vegan Round the World: The Series. The production team are currently crowdfunding to bring the series to TV screens around the world, with the help of Editor Lars Walther as well as lawyers to get the series aired.

Other tasks they are using the crowdfunding money for includes having the series subtitled by professional linguists, soundtrack work and much more to make the series perfect.

People can choose different pledges with different rewards. One of the biggest pledges of $125 gain people access to the launch party in Berlin, with film workshops and access to the Sustainability on Screen Festival in London being other pledges.

To find out more, check out their crowdfunder here.




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