P&O Ferry Line to Immediately Cease the Transportation of Baby Calves to Europe

We have more positive news to share with you today, after it has recently been announced by a major ferry line that they will be stopping the live transportation of calves from Scotland, with immediate effect.

It was the BBC Scotland investigation entitled ‘Disclosure: The Dark Side of Dairy’ that prompted the decision to stop carrying baby cows from Scotland to Spain so they can be fattened up for the slaughter. Over 5000 calves were shipped from Scotland to Europe last year, despite animal welfare campaigners protesting against the cruel practice. Often these calves are as young as just 3 days old, meaning they have left their distraught mothers behind, starved of their milk – milk that nature provides so they can mature into happy and healthy cows or bulls.

However, the investigation achieved exactly what it set out to do and revealed the truth behind the dairy industry and all its grim secrets, proving to be the final straw for the ferry line. P&O have released a statement via Twitter saying that “We place the highest priority on animal welfare across all of our routes and can confirm that we will cease co-operating with the Scottish Government to transport across the Irish Sea young calves destined for continental Europe with immediate effect.”

Thanks to social media and undercover investigations such as the BBC Scotland programme that was broadcast on Monday, more and more people are waking up to the reality of animal agriculture and its cruel practices. Plant-based milk sales are on the rise and meat and dairy farmers are expressing concerns for their future in farming.

With so many healthy alternatives available nowadays, there really is no excuse to consume animal products – whether it be the environment, animal welfare or your health that concerns you, there really are so many reasons to go vegan!


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