Poetry: Ellie Porter


I’m free.
Free from the torture
I’m free from the pain
I’m outside, I can feel the rain

The sun beams down
I feel the grass on my hooves
I run in circles
I can finally move

My baby isn’t here
I suddenly realise
I cry out for her
I long to see her eyes

A truck pulls up beside me
I pray I’m not going back
The hatch opens at the rear
I hear feet coming off the rack

It’s her
It’s my baby I longed for so
The human has rescued my baby
My spirit goes to high from low

We are together at last
The nightmare is finally done
I feel love inside my veins
Slaughterers, you can drop your gun

Thank you for the freedom
Thank you for giving us a chance
Thank you for giving me life
Thank you for this, life is my new stance




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