The sun feels nice on my face
Through these metal walls
I close my eyes and dream
I shut out the humans calls

I imagine me and my baby
In fields of grassy green
I imagine me and my own kind
In the biggest field you’ve ever seen

I long for comfort and joy
As I stand in this cramped space
My body hurts and aches
I so wish I could leave this place

My baby has been taken away
I scream and shout for days
I can’t find my baby here
I know there is no other way

I’m tired of being here
I know time is almost up
My milk is not for my baby
It’ll end up in someone’s cup

I’m going up into the truck
There are hundreds of us on board
I can barely stand or breathe
So many of our kind they hoard

It’s nearly my turn now
I can hear the cries of my friends
I cry silently inside
My soul I cannot mend

Hear me humans now
This isn’t the way to be
Please don’t eat me or my kind
I wish, the truth you could see.

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