Cruelty Free International – the leading charity against animal testing – have introduced a new pilot scheme that could be the beginning of the end when it comes to animal testing in China.

As it stands, China currently have certain rules and regulations that means all cosmetic items that enter their country, have to be tested on animals. This means that many cosmetic brands such as L’Oreal, Mac, Maybelline, Clarins, Rimmel and many more are not cruelty free, as they sell their products in China.

The new scheme will mean that these internationally sold beauty brands that ship to China, will be given bureaucratic assistance when they enter the country, allowing them to bypass the animal testing laws that are required of them and will therefore no longer have to test their products on animals in order to sell their products in China.

If the scheme is successful it will be a breakthrough in combatting animal testing, saving thousands of innocent animals lives each year and thus preventing the systematic and entirely unnecessary torture they endure – all for the sake of a beauty product.

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  1. Rama bagga on June 29, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    Donot do experiments on innocent animals

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