Protest At Worcester Racecourse On ‘Family Fun Day’

Animal rights protesters held a demonstration outside Worcester racecourse last Sunday (25 June) during the summer family fun day. Protesters aimed to raise awareness for the thousands of horses which are injured or lose their lives as a result of the horse racing industry every year.

Worcester Racecourse describes the day as a great family day out with entertainment for the kids, including pony rides and bouncy castles, and horse racing for the adults. Demonstrators, dressed as horses, gave out leaflets and held up placards saying “Your fun is their misery” and “No fun for horses”. Many people who spoke to the protesters were shocked by the number of animals harmed by the industry.

Ronald Lee, Communications Officer for Worcestershire Vegan Action, who supported the protest, said: “The aim of the [demonstration] was to educate the public about the suffering and slaughter of horses caused by the racing industry and to urge people not to go to the race day or, at least, to never attend or bet on horse racing again.

“Thousands of horses are put to death every year because of the British horse racing industry, either because they fail to make the grade as racers or when their racing ‘careers’ come to an end.

“In addition, about 200 are fatally injured on British racecourses annually, and since 2010 at least 38 have been killed at Worcester, after suffering horrific injuries, such as broken necks and legs. In our view, encouraging children to attend horse racing with ‘family fun days’ is highly irresponsible.

“Not only does it expose youngsters to gambling, but risks them being traumatised by the sight of a horse being seriously injured.”

Full information on the suffering caused by the horse racing industry can be found on the Animal Aid website.


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