Pub Chain Hungry Horse Reveal Exciting New Vegan Menu

For anyone doubting that veganism is just a passing trend, or a fad – then think again!!

2018 has seen a rapid rise in the amount of plant-based foods that have become readily available to us in supermarkets, restaurants and online. Newspaper headlines are mentioning veganism far more freely and it seems like every non-vegan you speak to ‘has a vegan friend’. There is no doubt about it, veganism is growing, opinions towards the movement are positively changing, and the meat and dairy farmers are quivering in their boots.

One of the most recent arrivals to hit the vegan food scene is a new menu appearing at Hungry Horse restaurants across the country. Known for being value for money with generous meal sizes (one assumes, enough to feed a hungry horse), the well-known pub chain owned by pub giants Green King are now offering now 7 delicious plant-based meals, all clearly labelled as vegan (VG) on the menu.

A few of the dishes include a Vegan Roasted Tomato Soup starter, a falafel salad bowl and a Chickpea and Sweet potato curry as mains, as well as a vegan Bakewell tart served with vegan vanilla flavoured ice cream as a dessert.

Jason Radbourn, the senior food development manager at Hungry Horse, said: “After listening intently to our customers’ feedback it came through loud and clear that we needed to experiment with our dishes to cater to a more broad range of diets… Working closely with our suppliers, we’ve not only introduced a number of new plant-based dishes, but we’ve also put a spin on some of the traditional pub classics we offer, such as fish and chips which is now available with vegan fish-free fillets and is already proving popular with our customers.”

In addition to the Hungry Horse releasing their vegan menu in over 280 of their pubs, restaurants such as Pizza Express, Chiquito’s and Wagamama’s have all recently revealed tasty looking vegan options on all of their menus. In addition to this, supermarkets are constantly releasing exciting new meal options such as the new Vegan Giardiniera Pizza, also by Pizza Express.

Gone are the times that vegans were limited to a side salad, a bowl of chips and a portion of houmous as a meal option – the future is bright, the future is vegan.


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