Publicity Stunt? Gordon Ramsay Tweets Image of Vegan Pizza

Gordon Ramsay, a renowned anti-vegan celebrity chef, has tweeted an image of a vegan pizza, leading some people to believe that he has gone vegan — a claim that we have found no evidence to support. It is, however, a step forward for Ramsay to speak neutrally about veganism and inadvertently support the cause.

The image tweeted yesterday was captioned with: “Going to give this vegan thing a try. Yes guys, you heard that right.”

Ramsay has opened a new pizza restaurant in London today, and on the menu is the pizza that he tweeted an image of yesterday. The pizza shown was the charred aubergine, toasted pine nuts, wild garlic pesto and tomato. You can see the menu here.

Back in February Ramsay provocatively retweeted an image of someone’s vegan lasagne, with the comment: “I’m a member of PETA! People eating tasty animals…”.

The inclusion of an option on the menu in his new restaurant that is suitable for vegans shows his consideration for the growing vegan population, but Ramsay has spoken out against veganism in the past.

Do you think his tweet was a publicity stunt or is Ramsay sympathetic to the vegan movement?

Would you try the vegan pizza at his restaurant?



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