Publisher DK Ending Promotion of Animal Rides in Tourist Guides

Publisher DK has announced that it will no longer support tourist attractions which offer animal rides. The publisher is part of Penguin Random House and has agreed that it will no longer provide such information in their travel guides, and will instead provide an insight into the controversy surrounding animal attractions.

It will remove images of animals being ridden and recommendations for elephant rides in the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Dehli, Agra and Jaipur. DK follows in the footsteps of TUI, who own travel provider TUI and First Choice, and other providers such as STA Travel, G Adventures and Intrepid Travel who do not promote these activities.

The move comes in response to conversation with PETA. Elisa Allen, director of PETA, said: “DK joins dozens of travel companies in rejecting tourist traps that force highly intelligent, social elephants to give rides.

“PETA urges travellers to keep all captive-elephant camps off their itineraries, and DK’s commitment to education will help prevent holidaymakers from inadvertently supporting cruelty to animals.

“Elephants used for rides are often forcible separated from their mothers, immobilised with tightly bound roped, and gouged with bull-hooks or nail-studded sticks during ‘training’. Some don’t survive the gruelling process, and those who do spend the rest of their lives lugging tourists around or performing tricks under the threat of physical punishment.”


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