Rachel Elizabeth: Summer Vegan Travels

Rachel Elizabeth, guest blogger for Vegan Life, visits Nice and Vienna to see what these places have to offer travelling vegans


Rachel’s first blog entry detailed her outreach work in Leicester. This month she visits Nice and Vienna to see what these places have to offer travelling vegans.


Vegans, Vienna Waits For You!


In Vienna I fell in love with Hugo. Hugo is a drink.  A delicious drink of prosecco mixed with elderflower, soda and cucumber. In a country that seems so in tune with plant based living, vegan prosecco is not hard to find. Having visited Berlin recently and feeling very pleased with my choices there, I was hopeful that Vienna would be just as good if not better. I wasn’t disappointed.


My travelling buddy this time around was another of my supportive omnivore friends, Natalie. When I travel, I go with my gut and my happy cow app. This meant I ended eating at obscure times just because I’d found something I wanted to try and it was too good to miss. This included ice cream for Breakfast from Veganista (1050, Margaretenstraße 51 and Neustiftgasse 23) and snacks from Denns Bio supermarket, including chocolate and my new favourite (non alcoholic) drink, Matcha Green Tea Latte. The urge to try new food also got me at night time. Austrian style hotdog from a U-bahn snack bar on the way home from the film festival and sushi after a classical concert.


Food at a more ‘normal’ hour included Schnitzel for lunch on the way to the Hunderwasserhaus, an amazing art piece that happens to be an apartment block. Plus a very clearly labelled vegan wrap from Nordsee, a chain of fish restaurants. Natalie was also pleasantly surprised by the all vegan food at Veggiez (Salzgries 9, 1010 Wien).


So Vegans, give Vienna a chance – it’s waiting for you.


Nice is nice for Vegans


My second trip this summer was to Nice, France with my veggie friend, Jo. This was a very short trip for me to get a chance to go to the beach. However I didn’t know I’d be avoiding pigeons on the beach and coming back with a patchy sunburn; actually the latter I probably should’ve predicted. Apart from that Nice really is nice and I didn’t have difficulty eating.


On our only full day, I started with a green juice and wrap from SoGreen (11 Place Masséna). I also had lovely dairy free gelato on the way up from the beach. I got the impression most gelato stands were similar. That night we enjoyed a three course meal courtesy of the Happy Cow app at Restaurant Alounak (3, Rue d’Alsace Lorraine) which was great for all. Menus came in English and French, with meat options too and everything was clearly labelled. On top of that the service was ‘manifique’!


Our second and final day involved shopping and pizza in the old town. Labelled vegan it meant no cheese but it was smothered in veg instead. A good thing to note is that the French appear to be adopting the word ‘vegan’ although officially the word is ‘vegetalien/ne’.


I am really pleased with how the French seem to adapting to green living. Perhaps it’s just Nice though; I’ll have to find out.




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