Veganuary broke its records this year, with 250,000 people signing up to take the pledge to go vegan for January. The amount of people who took part for 2019 alone adds up to more than those who took part in the past four years combined.

On top of these official figures from Veganuary, The Guardian has speculated that more people might have participated without signing the pledge. Information from Veganuary states that six out of 10 participants will stay vegan after the month has ended.

Rich Hardy, head of campaigns at Veganuary, said: “With a quarter of a million participants this year, Veganuary is finishing on an all-time high. I think Veganuary has reached critical mass now – vegan living is growing; it’s here to stay, its part of the national conversation and it has credibility. That’s great news for people, animals and the planet.”

Veganuary was launched in 2014 in the UK, and it has now reached India, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. The localised campaigns have helped the success of this year’s campaign, and have picked up attention in some countries consuming large amounts of meat and dairy.

The charity also noted that gaining support from notable celebrities has influenced the success of the campaign, with BBC wildlife expert, Chris Packham taking part; Spanish footballer Hector Bellerin shared how veganism helped his performance as an athlete, and Evanna Lynch, known for her role in Harry Potter and for her dedication to veganism reminded the world of being compassionate and the importance of animal rights.

Veganuary also took their campaign to Parliament – several politicians took part, including Andrea Jenkyns, Jenny Jones and Richard Burgon, and had the support of more MPs, such as Caroline Lucas, Christina Rees, Chris Williamson, and more.

Not only has Veganuary influenced many people to think about their part in reducing cruelty to animals and lessening their environmental impact, the food service industry, retailers and brands have all improved their plant-based offerings and keeping up with the times.

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