Record-breaking numbers sign up for Veganuary

2019 has arrived, and in light of tradition, people the world over are making New Year’s resolutions


In attempt to improve their health and well-being for the year ahead, many people opt for Dry January, but this year, signing up to Veganuary, the pledge to go vegan for a month, is proving to be just as popular. In a VoucherCode survey, it has been predicted that over 2.66 million Brits are set to ditch meat and dairy in 2019.


For those that don’t know, Veganuary is a registered charity that seeks to change public attitudes, and provide all the information and support that is required to make people’s transition to veganism as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Record breaking numbers have already signed up for the month-long pledge, with a reported 14,000 signing up on Sunday 30th December 2018 alone. Each year since the movement began in 2014, participants have more than doubled, with a total of more than 250,000 people across 193 countries signing up.


Rich Hardy, head of campaigns at Veganuary, says: “In 2018 there wasn’t a week that went by without veganism hitting the headlines, whether it was a magazine editor being fired, or Waitrose launching a new range of products. Vegan products are getting a lot better and it is becoming a lot more convenient to have a tasty plant-based diet.”


Numerous celebrities have signed up to this year’s Veganuary, and restaurants and institutions throughout the UK and beyond, will be running events to celebrate and spread awareness of the special month.


Wildlife champion and presenter, Chris Peckham, has been announced as the latest Veganuary Ambassador, alongside the long list of other famous ambassadors, which includes actors Evanna Lynch and Peter Egan, TV presenters Sarah-Jane Crawford and Jasmine Harman, comedians Sara Pascoe and Carl Donnelly, and chef Derek Sarno.


Similarly, Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns and Green party peer Jenny Jones have taken the plunge, and the Labour MP Kerry McCarthy, a dedicated vegan, has called on other parliamentarians to take the pledge. One of Veganuary’s biggest targets this year is British Parliament – the charity hope they will take on the challenge and come to understand the challenges and changes that need to be taken in order to improve aid our planet and all of its inhabitants.


Successful vegan events company, Vevolution, has teamed up with plant-based restaurant chain, by CHLOE., to host a string of free events this January. The Vevolution Topics events be held in by CHLOE.’s Tower Hill restaurant in London, and will feature talks from a whole host of thought-provoking leaders, including presenter Venetia Falconer, and So Vegan’s Roxy Pope and Ben Pook.


Vevolution says: “This January, to celebrate the biggest ever Veganuary, Vevolution has partnered up with the team at by CHLOE. to deliver Topic Talks For Veganuary, a series of exclusive free-to-attend intimate events featuring some of the UK’s most inspiring plant-powered thought-leaders. This is a great chance to kick off the year and get inspired by leading minds of the plant-powered movement and eat some delicious plant-based food at by CHLOE., which will be exclusively discounted by 20 percent on the evening.”


Vevolution Topics events take place on Wednesdays throughout the month, on January 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th.


Just like sticking to a New Year resolution can be difficult, so can keeping true to Veganuary. However, Hardy urges pledgers not to worry, he says: “If you fall off the wagon, you fall off the wagon. Just pick yourself up, remind yourself why you signed up to the pledge in the first place and start afresh. It is meant to be fun and enjoyable.”


With so many sign-ups and so much support, it looks set to be a great month for Veganuary, and an exceptional year for veganism.




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