Richard Branson Speaks up to Save Orangutans

Richard Branson has spoken up in the fight to save orangutans from extinction following a letter he received from photographer Charlie Dailey. The post on his website titled ‘The race to save one of the world’s most pristine ecosystems’ looks at the Leuser Ecosystem in Northern Sumatra.

The Leuser Ecosystem is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the last place on earth where elephants, orangutans, rhinos and tigers coexist in the same forest. The letter and blog post focuses on the destruction of orangutan’s habitat through illegal palm oil plantations, which not only has detrimental consequences to the wildlife but to climate change on a global scale.

Branson signs off from the post by saying: “All of us can do our part to help protect the amazing Leuser ecosystem from further destruction. […]

“When it comes to palm oil and the impacts of its cultivation, consumers have enormous power to ensure that illegal and unsustainable practices end.”

You can read the full post here.


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