Can You Make Milk From Lentils?

Ripple, a Silicon Valley start-up, is making a vegan milk from lentils and with $44 million in funding, it looks like it will be taking over a fridge near you!

There are so many plant milks now that we are spoilt for choice and we all have a favourite. Sweetened cashew? Unsweetened almond? Vanilla hemp? Chocolate oat? Standard soya? The list goes on and with sales of dairy milk projected to drop 11 per cent before 2020, it is not surprising that there are so many vegan alternatives.

However, there is a new milk in town. Ripple are making a milk from lentils and they have a whopping 44 million dollars in investment from Google and other Silicon Valley investors.

The company launched in 2016 and since April last year they have sold over two and a half million bottled of product, generating $20 million.

The key to this company is that the yellow peas used to create the vegan milk are inexpensive to grow, produce a clean taste and has a much lower carbon footprint than traditional dairy milk. Surprisingly though, Ripple milks delivers the same amount of protein as dairy milk at 8g per serving!

Co-founded Renninger told Bloomberg: “The food system represents 20 percent of the world’s carbon emissions, and dairy is one-quarter of that.

“The impact is massive. More than beef, more than chicken, dairy is actually the largest contributor to emissions by volume. That challenge scratched my sustainability itch.”

Ripple currently offer unsweetened, chocolate, vanilla and half & half milks and hope to add yoghurts to their product base later this year.

Unfortunately, it looks like Ripple is only available in the US. However, with such rapid expansion we don’t think it will be long before they cross the ocean to British shores.


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