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Rude Health Support And ‘Celebrate’ Dairy Industry

Rude Health has posted a picture on their Instagram which has baffled many of their followers. The picture shows a man skimming stones and reads: “You’re in Rude Health when… you skim stones, not milk.”

Their comment underneath the video says: “We may be dairy alternative producers but that doesn’t mean we are against dairy. Quite the opposite. We are for good quality, proper milk…we’re talking whole milk. Full fat milk. We don’t use skimmed milk powder in any of our foods. Nature has provided us with an ingredients that is the perfect balance of protein, good fats and natural sugars (lactose). Why mess with it? When they take cream out of milk, they remove most of the texture and all of the joy. We are not skimmed milk people, we live life to the full, with full fat dairy products. See link in bio for more.”

We delved a little deeper and found a ‘rant’ on their website called “Dishing The Dirt: Skimmed Milk Powder.”

This article outlines why Rude Health do not use skimmed milk powder in their foods, and the explanation may not be what you would expect from a company which produces dairy alternatives.

They said: “You might be surprised to know that a lot of us at Rude Health make our porridge with cow’s milk. Yes, we do produce a range of dairy free milk alternatives, but we have never had a problem with milk itself. In fact, we love it so much that our founder Nick Barnard has written about and regularly holds workshops extolling the wonders of raw un-homogenised milk.

“Let’s be honest. Skimmed milk is like grey dishwater. We like full fat milk. Nature has provided us with an ingredient that is the perfect balance of protein, good fats and natural sugars (lactose). Why would we want to mess with it? When they take the cream out of milk, they remove most of the texture and all of the joy. We are not skimmed milk people, we live life to the full, with full fat dairy products.”

They posted another rant on September 26th 2017 called “Stay Brilliant” where Rude Health co-Founder and Brand Director Camilla Barnard talks about fad diets. She says:

“Now it’s vegetarianism and veganism, promising to save you from cancer and early death and save the animals while you’re at it, if you believe What the Health, Okja and other propaganda films masquerading as documentaries on Netflix.  You can eat as much gluten as you like on these, which is unusual, but bread without the butter is a bitter win.

“All these regimes are defined by cutting out types of food, which is odd in itself if you aren’t forced to by an allergy, but to follow these diets is also to claim the health and moral high-ground.  You are clean and you care, presumably meaning those of us still eating ham and cheese toasties are filthy dirty and don’t care.”

Understandably, vegans are very upset by this revelation. A company which many vegans have bought products from are now showing that they support and contribute to the cruelty of the dairy industry.

Additionally, vegan services, such as the subscription boxes from The Vegan Kind, which use their products are also now removing Rude Health plant milks and vegan-friendly foods from production.

Find out more about the cruelty of the dairy industry here and let us know your thoughts on Rude Health’s comments below.

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  1. Marilyn Cummings on October 18, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    I will NEVER buy your products again and,………..I will tell all the vegan groups and friends I see what you are really doing 🙁 You are disgusting !!!!!!!! Hope everyone boycotts your company…..:(

  2. Keith muir on October 18, 2017 at 4:38 pm

    Won’t ever buy your products again…All you care about is profit…you have No Empathy towards what the Animals go through to produce Dairy…and you mock people who really care…such as Vegans…At least we have compassion and Integrity…

  3. Kev on October 19, 2017 at 9:40 pm

    Such is capitalism… I’m sure Quorn only make vegan products to make more profits… The wider the audience they cater for the more potential CONSUMERS….we live in a consumer society…. This has disappointed me but if we personally eat plant based… Together there will eventually be a decline in demand for animal products and THAT may well win the consumer war so to speak…. Be the change that you want to see, in the world, just like Gandhi!

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