San Francisco Vote Unanimously to Ban Fur Sales in the City

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously to ban the sale of fur in the city, and the ban becomes effective in January 2019. Other countries and states have adopted similar bans on the import and sale of fur; however San Francisco is the first city to make a fur-free policy.

The ban proposal was put in place in December 2017 by Katy Tang, a San Francisco District Supervisor, and urged the board to support the ban because “the sale of fur products in San Francisco is inconsistent with the City’s ethos of treating all living beings, humans and animals alike, with kindness.”

Retailers are permitted to sell any leftover fur items that were stocked before 20 March 2018 until January 1 2020. The ban takes effect on January 1 2019. The ban applies to the sale, display and manufacturing of fur items and consequently, this means that all shops in San Francisco will be free of fur, and this applies to fur items being delivered to addresses within San Francisco.

According to information about the fur ban on Humane Society International’s (HSI) website, “second-hand shops may continue to sell vintage fur as long as it is not from an endangered species. With so many high-quality faux fur options now available, San Francisco has an exciting opportunity to be a leader in cutting-edge faux fur design and innovation.”

HSI is heading the #FurFreeBritain campaign, urging the Prime Minister to follow in San Francisco’s footsteps and adopt a fur-free policy. Claire Bass, HSI UK’s executive director, who is leading the fur-free campaign said: “Standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the most influential designers in the world, San Francisco is showing that animal fur is a fashion faux-pas that trend setting San Franciscans simply will not tolerate.

“The vast majority of British people feel the same, and our campaign for a nationwide ban on the sale of fur is gaining momentum in the UK. For our government to realise its ambition of being ‘a world leader in animal welfare’ means closing our borders to the cruel, outdated and completely unnecessary fur trade.”


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