Scottish High School Students Prepare Deceased Pheasants For Fajitas

A Scottish high school has posted on their social media page showing a class preparing pheasants to make fajitas from the meat. Many parents have criticised the school for this, although some parents have supported the school believing that the children are being taught a valuable lesson about where their food comes from.


Local newspaper The Scotsman reported it saying: “The third-year pupils at Kingussie High School were each given a deceased bird and a knife, and told to cut up the pheasants in order to get remove the meat to make fajitas.”


Images of the class were posted on the school’s Facebook page, and the teacher from class commented under the school’s name saying: “As the Home Economics teacher at Kingussie High School I have read all the comments and although I personally do not agree with everyone I respect your views.


“Our students are taught about all types of food and diets and they are given all the information available (from all viewpoints and organisations) to make personal choices based on educated decisions. I personally believe that our young people need to know where ALL their food comes from.


“I hasten to add my vegan [student] was not present and I value the choices she has made. Education is about information and choices.”


Do you think the school acted appropriately in the best interests of the childrens’ education?

Do you think that the children learning where their food comes from will affect their relationship with meat in the future and given them the basis to make informed decisions?



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