A Glasgow Kilt Company Plans to Create a Vegan Kilt

Slanj Kilts are a kilt-making company based in Glasgow, who create bespoke yet traditional Scottish attire.

Historically, a classic kilt is made from sheep’s wool, however, after realising the demand for vegan-friendly clothing is on the rise, Slanj Kilts have decided to create a range of traditional Scottish kilts made from animal-free materials.

Not only do they have plans to make a vegan range of traditional Scottish attire, but they have also designed a brand new kilt tartan that celebrates veganism and Scottish living. The new tartan is inspired by earthy yet vibrant colours with the alternating bands of colour on the tartan being matching in width. This “symmetry and the equal representation of colours” the company states, is to “indicate the importance of balance in life”.




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  1. ayaanproducts on March 4, 2021 at 5:07 pm

    A mixture of fact and anti Scottish fiction.
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