Sleeping Ruff To Raise Money

We spoke to Johan Lamprecht about his fundraising efforts which will see him sleeping in a kennel in October to raise money for Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue.

  1. Tell us a little bit about your fundraiser.I will be sleeping in a kennel amongst rescue dogs for an entire week from the 2nd to the 9th of October. By doing this I aim to bring awareness to the daily life and plight of homeless dogs in England and world-wide, and to raise as much money as possible for the great work of Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue.Rescue Remedies rescues and cares for the most vulnerable dogs who are abandoned, in pounds or who are at risk of being euthanized. Rescue Remedies cares for these dogs while they are waiting for a home, however long that takes.2.        Why do you think ‘sleeping ruff’ will help raise awareness?I believe that most people are unaware of the conditions that most rescue dogs live in every day while waiting for a home in kennels, which can be for months or years. Animal rescue groups do all they can with their limited funds and resources, but kennels are a noisy, stressful and unpleasant place for any dog to be in for extended periods of time. As a human, living in these same conditions will bring attention to typical conditions at kennels and make people consider how life is for homeless dogs. My updates during the fundraiser will describe my experience.

    3.        Won’t you get cold?

    Yes! Kennels can be cold and damp especially during the colder months, but I will have a sleeping bag and blankets to hopefully help fend off the cold, as well as a rescue dog buddy for the night for warmth! Kennels are often constructed with simple materials like cement which usually get damp and very cold, but I am happy to go through a little discomfort for the funds that it will raise.

    4.        Which charity are you raising money for and why do they need help?

    I am raising money for Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue. Rescue Remedies relies on donations from the public. Rescue Remedies does not have its own premises, and with usually around 100 dogs in boarding kennels, their kennel bills are very high. They rely on using boarding kennels to continue saving the lives of homeless/pound dogs. No one is paid or claims expenses. Being a small charity they don’t have staff or a call centre, just a small group of dedicated volunteers. Fundraising enables them to carry on saving the lives of these dogs and to give them a bright future.

    5.        How can people donate?

    People can donate through the JustGiving fundraising page here:

    Or through text:

    To donate by Text:
    Send the message
    RRSR14 £5
    RRSR14 £10
    to 70070

    Or visit this link for yet more options:


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