Soybeans used to create sustainable vegan leather in Indonesia

Soybeans can now be added to the innovative options of vegan and cruelty-free alternatives. The leather will be used to cut water pollution, replace animal leather and offer a sustainable fabric instead.


In a recent AJ+ video, Irene Agrivina, an artist at XXLab, explained the “why” behind the product:

“There’s a lot of waste thrown away to the river because of tofu production so [we thought] what we can do [with] this waste and make it into something valuable.”


XXLab takes liquid waste from the tofu production, boiling it with vinegar, sugar and fertiliser, adds bacteria and waits 10 days for the mixture to become microbial cellulose, at which point it can be dried. This then creates low cost sustainable fabric with zero waste that has been used to create shoes, bags, and wallets.
More information can be found by visiting their website, or Facebook page.


Credit: Clearly Veg

Picture credit: AEC


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