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Springtime Drinking

Vegan brews to sip in the sunshine By Oliver Coningham

A s lockdowns ease and we pass those two significant events which herald the arrival of spring - the spring equinox and the clocks springing forward an hour - there's a palpable sense of excitement and positivity in the air.All around us, there are signs that the earth is waking up; from tender green leaves unfurling to the brightest of bulbs tentatively popping their heads above the slowly warming earth.

Spring is, without doubt, a special season, as it brings with it new life and the promise of summer, too. There are few among us who fail to revel in the joys that spring brings. If you want flavours that replicate the same sense of awakening within you that is happening in the earth below your feet, then try one of our specially chosen spring drinks this month.

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Now We Are Two (5.2%) - Utopian Brewing

£20 for 6 x 440ml, utopianbrewing.com

Utopian Brewing produces a range of interesting craft lagers brewed using 100 per cent British ingredients with their brewery powered by sustainable energy.

Now We Are Two is an export-strength Kellerbier inspired by the traditional, rustic village lagers of Bavaria. The lower level of carbonation allows the East Kent Goldings hops to shine in this beautifully made lager.

Utopian Brewing beers are vegan and brewed with 100 per cent British grown ingredients.


Green Curve Kveik IPA (6.5%) - North Brewing Co

£3 for 440ml, tesco.com

Tesco continues to innovate with its latest selection of craft beers including this addition from North Brewing Co. Brewed with oats for a thick and creamy mouthfeel, it's fermented with a Norwegian Kveik yeast and specially selected hops to impart flavours of juicy peaches, ripe mango and just a hint of tropical coconut.

North Brewing Co's core range of beers are all vegan with many others clearly labelled as vegan-friendly too.


Helles (4.4%) - Lost and Grounded

£18.95 for 6 x 440ml, lostandgrounded.co.uk

Lost and Grounded welcome Helles as an addition to their core range of beers. It's not only an incredibly delicious beer but also sees a continuation of their stunning label art complete with flying hippo and rolling hills. Gentle and balanced with delicate notes of white bread and spring blossom.

Lost and Grounded beers are unfiltered and vegan-friendly.


Vintage Rosé (5.5%) - Westons Cider

£7 for 4 x 500ml, sainsburys.co.uk

Vintage Rosé is made in Herefordshire using apples from a single year's harvest. The result is a smooth and rounded cider with a lasting, fruity finish.

The slow maturation in oak vats adds depth to the flavour that's so often missing from other similar ciders. Soft pink in colour with an evocative aroma of apple blossom - this is spring in a bottle.

Westons Cider products are all suitable for vegans; no animal products or by-products are used in the production process.


Sauvignon Blanc (11.5%) - [yellow tail]

£7 for 75cl, groceries.morrisons.com

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most popular wine styles and [yellow tail] have exemplified the style with this crisp, clean wine with refreshing flavours.

Fresh and vibrant notes of passionfruit and grapefruit make this the perfect wine to wake up your senses this spring!

The [yellow tail] wines that are vegan-friendly are identified by the vegan logo which is printed on the back label.


Limone e Menta - San Pellegrino

£3 for 6 x 330ml, waitrose.com

The flavours of San Pellegrino's Limone e Menta capture the essence of spring in a can. These two complementary flavours wake up every sense.

Zesty lemon juice and fragrant mint combine in this refreshing and zingy drink with balanced notes of citrus and sweet mint.

Suitable for vegans.


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