Stem + Glory Smash Crowdfunding Target for New Restaurant

Stem + Glory, the award winning vegan restaurant, has smashed its crowdfunding target for its new restaurant. Stem + Glory has raised 143 per cent over the necessary amount, and raised the needed full amount of £350,000 within 6 hours of the crowdfunding campaign going live. The company have attracted investors with their mission to “disrupt the restaurant industry by serving plant based food delicious enough to turn everyone vegan.”

Stem + Glory currently has two restaurants in Cambridge, and are planning to open the new restaurant in the Old Street area of London. The crowd funding campaign is closing two weeks early due to the amount of funds that they have raised, something that is almost unheard of with crowd funding campaigns.

Louise Palmer-Masterton, founder of Stem + Glory, said: “To say I am blown away by the support would be an understatement! We have a very loyal customer-base, so we did expect some investment to come in quite quickly – but this has surpassed our wildest dreams.

“It’s a fabulous endorsement of what we’ve achieved with the first two restaurants, but more importantly it makes a clear statement that the plant based movement is here to stay and will only get bigger over time.”

Stem + Glory opened their first restaurant with the help of a crowdfunding campaign, raising over £97,000 in 21 days. They quickly established themselves and they have experienced an 84 per cent increase in turnover year on year.

The crowd funding campaign is running until midnight on Tuesday 3rd April. You can find out how to invest and read their mission statement here.


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