Need Another Reason To Stop Eating Eggs?

700,000 eggs sent to the UK from the Netherlands are suspected to include trace amounts of the insecticide fipronil, which is harmful to humans.

Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany have withdrawn thousands of eggs from supermarkets and processed foods containing eggs in the UK have been removed from Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose and ASDA.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has said that it is unlikely to be a risk to public health. The FSA said: “Some of the products made from these eggs will have had a short shelf life and will have already been consumed. However, we identified some that were still within the expiry date.

“While in some European countries eggs containing fipronil residues have been sold as fresh eggs, in the UK this is not the case.”

Fipronil is a pesticide used to kill lice on farm animals and as an anti-flea treatment on companion animals. Fipronil is severely damaging to vital organs, including your kidneys, and liver if ingested in large quanities.

The Chairman of British Lion Egg Processors, Ian Jones, said:  “The major retailers are operating to double standards when it comes to eggs.  All of them stock British Lion shell eggs but they use imported eggs in many of their other foods containing eggs.

“This is just the latest of a number of food safety issues connected to eggs produced outside of the UK in recent years. Consumers clearly want retailers and food manufacturers to use good quality British ingredients that are produced to high standards of food safety, but in some prepared foods this is not the case.”


This follows the news this month that egg producer sales are down by 74 million dollars.



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