Study reveals that 45% of vegans feel discriminated against at work

Vegan in the workplace


In the last few months, veganism has definitely taken the world by a storm, with multitudes of plant-based product and restaurant launches, and an increasing amount of people identifying as vegan.


However, it seems that in some major areas of everyday life, veganism is still not completely accepted, with worrying data emerging about vegans in the workplace.



A recent study conducted by Crossland Employment Solicitors law firm questioned 1,000 vegan participants, about their experiences at work.


A staggering 45 per cent of those questioned said that they felt discriminated at work. An additional 31 per cent reported that they felt harassed, or unfairly treated at work, purely because of their veganism.


As well as employees, the survey also polled 1,000 employers, and found that 48 per cent do not do anything to accommodate vegan staff.


Worse still, three per cent said that they would not hire someone that they knew was vegan - a statement that Crossland Employment Solicitors say is likely to go against the Equality Act 2010.


The problem might stem from that fact that many employers believe that most people only go vegan to be fashionable, or to lose weight, with 24 per cent of employers stating so.


On top of this, 30 per cent of them said that catering for vegans would be too expensive and difficult for them to do.




Beverley Sunderland, managing director of Crossland Employments Solicitors, says: "Our research shows that prejudiced attitudes towards vegan workers is endemic among British employers, and a lack of understanding as to the potential impact of the Equality Act 2010.\"


"We'd advise that employers need to be taking such beliefs seriously and acting against those who are derogatory about vegans.\"


"After all, if an employee was mocking someone's religion, their sex or their race, an employer would not hesitate to take serious action."


As more people become vegan, more needs to be done to ensure that vegans can feel comfortable and respected as they go about their daily life and work. No one deserves to feel mistreated for simply trying to make the world a better place.





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