Vegan writer, animal rights advocate and K-9 Angels Charity founder, Victoria Featherstone Pearce, reveals her top five luxury, cruelty-free fashion picks

It can be a real challenge to find items that off er style but are also cruelty-free and ethical. If you're a lover of luxury fashion, like myself, you'll have experienced the same woes as I have. With many people now having to work from home loungewear has never been so popular or looked so good. If you're on the search for some new pieces, I have rounded up five beautifully ethical and sustainable loungewear products that I've discovered on my own search for planetfriendly, luxury fashion.


Eden Ashram

Organic Cotton 'Warrior' Sweatshirt

For all you yogis out there: I've just discovered Eden Ashram on Instagram. I am loving their statement sweaters 'warrior' and 'karma', both of which I believe in and right now, we are all having to be warriors to a certain extent. Eden's Ashram clothing doesn't just look good ether, the factory they use in India is powered by green renewable energy from low impact materials and as a result the manufacturing footprint for their products is 90 per cent less than some other comparable fashion brands.

And the sustainable goodness doesn't stop there, either. All garments are packed in recycled biodegradable corrugated boxes. Planet-friendly packaging is the way to go. It is estimated that we use over 5 trillion single use plastic mailing bags every year. That's over 160,000 bags a second and nearly 700 per person per year for every single person on the planet. This needs to stop.



Leticia Credidio

Coral Reef Sustainable Sleepwear Dresses

Inspired by the sea, Leticia Credidio sleepwear and loungewear is designed specifically to 'unleash the power of sleep' - the 'essential ingredient' for a life best lived. Designer, Leticia, wanted to bring the delicate colours and ocean movements to life through the garments, so people can sleep and lounge feeling fresh and relaxed. Made with sustainable seaweed, these Coral Reef Dresses come in the beautiful colour options. Designs were crafted in Italy and include a comfortable internal bra and adjustable strings.

All garments are seam-free, vegan, sustainable and allergy-free. Coral Reef Dresses are part of their new collection called Ocean. Leticia Credidio has created a smart fabric with seaweed from Iceland (SeacellTM/OEKO-TEX Micromodal) and weaved in Germany. This unique fabric releases a soft hydration on skin.



Will's Vegan Shoes

Luxury Italian Knitwear Hoodie

Will's, established in 2012 as Will's Vegan Shoes, is ahead of the game. It is a trailblazer selling everything from two-piece suits, vegan suede and leather shoes, and luxury Italian vegan and recycled knitwear. The store also sells plant-based food! It's a bit of a one-stop shop really for all-vegan, all-ethical goodness.

Recycled polyester means that this hoodie is made from recycled clothes, and recycled cotton has also been chosen because it has less impact on the environment vs new cotton (including organic). Recycled cotton does not need to be grown which means it saves on water, energy, fertiliser, pesticides (for non-organic cotton) and CO2 emissions from its farming and transport. Will's recycled cotton is created with pre-dyed off - cuts from the textile industry.



Viva La Vegan

Humane Being Beanie

I've been a fan of the award-winning brand Viva La Vegan for over six years now. I first discovered them back in 2015 while presenting for Vegfest UK in Bristol.

I'm a huge beanie fan and the 'Humane Being' beanie by Viva La Vegan is currently one of my favourites, not only because I love the message it sends out but because it keeps me warm since it's so cold right now!

It may not be typically classed as a luxury item but keeping warm while walking my eight rescue dogs is definitely an essential. I chatted to Jay, the founder of Vegan La Viva, just months after she started her ethical brand six years ago as I wanted to know her reasons behind the brand.

Jay explained that she used to be a high street clothes designer, but one day she just thought, 'Why not design vegan fashion and start a brand?' And that's exactly what she did.

Now, Viva La Vegan sell everything from edgy T shirts, to hoodies, bags and badges all with the cute but a clear message to go vegan for the animals. Jay is vegan to the core and I for one can totally relate to that. I totally love this brand and what it stands for.

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Unisex Sweatshirt 'Vegan Is Love'

I've raved about the brand VEGAN Happy before, so it's no surprise they are in my top five for ethical loungewear. Working from home means I want to feel cosy and comfortable and this gorgeous sweatshirt with beautifully detailed styling is just perfect. It comes in 14 colours and right now, I'm loving burnt orange paired with black VEGAN Happy tapered joggers. It's just the thing for working from home, lounging or those important dog walks (I have eight rescue dogs so it's none stop walkies for me!).

VEGAN Happy off er way more than loungewear though, with their huge range of classic and stylish pieces from puffer jackets to everyday T-shirts that are great for layering, as well as cute hats, gloves and gym attire. Every item is ethically made and 100 per cent vegan and PETA approved. I also love the fact VEGAN Happy donate 10 per cent of their net profit to animal rescue, too.



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